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Conductive polymer matrix with predictable dynamic conductivity change with stretch.


  • Nearly zero hysteresis provides predictable resistance change during elongation
  • Senses small to very large elongations
  • Very wide resistance-range performance


  • Sports and patient monitoring
  • Security systems
  • Sensors
  • Switches
  • Pull controls

The ability to change a conductive pathway’s resistance is a basic functionality in electronic circuits and is typically associated with volume controls, switches, and sensors.

Our Textro-Polymers®

Our Textro-Polymers, which can take the form of a fiber, a film, or a coating, provide a predictable dynamic conductivity change with stretch. In some of the embodiment or formulations developed, these composite materials undergo a change in resistance of over nine orders of magnitude. By adjusting the properties of the composite, we can alter the magnitude of the resistance change as well as the profile of the elongation response.

Typical Electrical Properties

The typical electrical properties achieved with this technology platform include the following:

  • Low resistivity in the relaxed state (< 10K Ohms)
  • High resistivity in the stretched state (> 1012 Ohms)
  • The ability to tailor the resistivity profile


Textro-Polymer® is appropriate for switches and controls that are activated by mechanical movements like bending, stretching, and tugging. For example:

  • Textile-based motion-activated switches and controls
  • Strain gauges
  • Motion sensors or motion detectors
  • Sports fitness motion sensing garments for training
  • Physical therapy or rehabilitation devices
  • Alternative device-activation mechanisms
  • Occupancy detection for car seats or beds