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Numetrex Clothes That Monitor The Body
Advanced seamless bra design provides superior comfort, support and freedom of movement. Nylon/LYCRA® fabric gives a second-skin feel and improves moisture management and airflow.

Sensors in the fabric pick up your heart beat and relay it to the transmitter. The sensors are completely comfortable and can’t be felt by the body.

We measured comfort dynamics of the bra vs. a typical hard strap on our model. Red zones indicate acute pressure points that cause discomfort to the body.

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Sensor Components

Textronics, Inc. has a range of products that are based on the use of elastomeric polymers, conductive materials and flexible substrates.


A family of soft textile sensors used in wearable vital signs monitoring applications to sense the electrical activity of the body such as heart rate; or the mechanical movements of the body such respiration. TheNuMetrex® heart rate monitoring sports bra* utilizes proprietary textile electrodes and is more user-friendly than conventional plastic chest straps or sticky electrodes.

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A family of conductive, elastic yarns which are building block fibers used to weave or knit conductive or optical fabric structures.

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A family of conductive nano-composite elastomeric polymers that exhibit changes in electrical conductivity as the material is stretched. These polymers, with variable resistance properties, can behave as strain gauges, switches and sensors.

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A family of elastic, conductive ribbons that attach to standard electronic connectors to provide a fabric-like, motion-absorbing, wiring harness useful in dynamic environments including high vibration industrial or wearable consumer applications.

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