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Personal Electronics

"Steve Jobs, take note: Textronics, a textile company based in Wilmington, Delaware, has invented a soft, washable cable that can be sewn into a garment to transmit electricity, data and audio signals. Today's iPods are small enough to fit in your jeans pockets. Perhaps tomorrow’s iPods will be sewn directly into your jeans." — Discover Magazine, March 2006

The hassle of personal electronics is the wiring, and Textronics offers solutions that eliminate the need for bulky, uncomfortable wires in garments designed to accommodate iPods, cell phones, ear phones and other devices. Our Textro-Interconnects® provide conductive capabilities in a flat laminated cable that is stretchable, flexible and light weight. Bonded into a jacket, shirt or other garment, it can provide seamless connectivity between personal electronic devices without affecting comfort or fit. We also offer conductive Textro-yarns that can be woven directly into fabric for sensing applications, as well as Textro-Polymers® for controls, switches and sensors.

Consider Textronics for these personal electronics applications:

  • Signal, data and power pathways integrating personal electronic devices into jackets, T-shirts, pants, shoes, accessories and other garments.
  • Fitness apparel and accessories incorporating heart rate sensing monitors
  • Temperature and respiration sensors
  • Location monitors