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Our Markets

Sports & Fitness

NuMetrex® is our brand for Clothes That Monitor The Body. Our NuMetrex heart monitoring sports bra was the first ever commercial garment to incorporate textile sensing technology and is for sale at

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Health & Wellness

Our textile sensors can be incorporated into a wide range of garments. The unique sensors are capable of capturing medical quality data from the body for use in health monitoring, preventive care, exercise physiology and weight loss.

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Military & Public Safety

Monitoring can play a key role in ensuring safety for the military and first responder markets. Remote monitoring for people wearing our textile sensors can provide a new level of safety and security under harsh conditions.

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Home Textiles

Imagine a carpet that tells you when it’s time to vacuum, a chair that activates a warming function when you sit down, and monitoring systems that adjust temperature and lighting as you enter or exit the room.

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Personal Electronics

The hassle of personal electronics is the wiring, and Textronics offers solutions that eliminate the need for bulky, uncomfortable wires in garments designed to accommodate iPods, cell phones, ear phones and other devices.

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In high-vibration industrial environments, traditional wiring is affected by wear and breakage. Textronics offers vibration-resistant alternatives with conductive fabric cables suitable for a variety of twisting, stretching and vibrating applications.

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