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Chadds Ford, PA 19317
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Textronics, Inc

About Us

Our Company

We are a team of experts in the fields of Textiles and Electronics. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate micro-electronics with textile structures – changing the way people interact with technology. Our focus is on developing and commercializing comfortable, practical, scalable and affordable product solutions.

The Opportunity

Textiles; the surface we come in contact with most often…we wear them, sit on them, walk on them and sleep on them. They represent 70% of the material we come in contact with each day. The integrationof electronics with textiles brings a new frontier in functionality to one of the most common materials in our daily lives.

Our Core Technologies

Materials including fibers, films and coatings that react to electrical, optical or magnetic signals providing embedded intelligence to knit, woven or non-woven textile structures. We have a portfolio of proprietary technology and intellectual property encompassing unique variations of these innovative materials and systems.